Selected magazine articles from 2000

Liv Siddall, Food writer Nigel Slater on the joy of collecting ceramics, House & Garden.
Robin Cawdron-Stewart, A beginner’s guide to collecting British studio ceramics, House & Garden.

Amy Sherlock, Jennifer Lee, Kettle's Yard, Frieze, November / December, pg 163.
Caroline Roux, Landing Craft, Financial Times, 14 July.
Jessica Mars, Jennifer Lee takes over Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, Wallpaper, July.

Tan Qian You, ‘OTHERNESS "Ground for Making’, Vulture Magazine, September, Issue 22, p130-133.
Isabella Smith, ‘Balance and Poise’, Ceramic Review, September/October Issue 293 p. 5, 12- 17.
Megumi Yamashita, ‘Loewe Craft Prize’, Casa Brutus, July No. 220 p. 136.
‘Auction Eye’, Ceramic Review, March/April Issue 290 p. 42.
‘Makers up for a prize fight’, Crafts Magazine, March/April No.271 p. 5.

Teleri Lloyd-Jones, ‘Jennifer Lee. A journey from White to Red’, Crafts Magazine, No. 262 , Sept-Oct p.70 -75.
Non Morris, ‘How does your garden grow?’, The Guardian, Saturday 13th August.
Judy Rudoe, ‘Snapshot of modern Europe’, British Museum Magazine, p 57 Spring/Summer.


‘Japan Preview - Jennifer Lee’, Art Collectors,  p 113  No.79 October.

Teleri Lloyd-Jones, ‘Pots that talk about what lies beneath’, Crafts Magazine, September/October No. 244 p.22.
Edmund de Waal, Art Quarterly, ' The Art of Craft',  Spring 2013.

Los Angeles Times:  Critics Choice  by Leah Ollman ‘Stillness and Silence in the work of Jennifer Lee’, August 13.
Sara Roberts, Crafts, no 235, March/April 2012,  p61, 62  ‘Why three is the Magic Number’ Review of 'the nature of things’.
Rupert Christiansen , Daily Telegraph, ‘A Country House Sculpted into an Art Lover’s Dream’ , April 30.

Amanda Fielding, ‘Collect , A Review by Amanda Fielding’, Ceramics : Art and Perception, 86, p58-61, Sept-Oct.
Brett Ballard, ‘A Review and Interview with Jennifer Lee’, Ceramics Art & Perception, 83, p3-7, March-May.
Angus Stewart, ‘Parial Account’, The Jackdaw, March-April.

Emmanuel Cooper, ‘Valuable studio time with potters’, Crafts Magazine, May/June No. 224 p..
Vinny Lee, ‘Where the Art is’, The Times Magazine, May 15th.
Christer Dynna, ‘Alt du Trenger’, Kunsthandverk, 116, p23.
Vicki Grima, ‘Interview with Jennifer Lee’, The Journal of Australian Ceramics, 49, p10-14, July.
Metro Picks, ‘Jennifer Lee’, The Sunday Morning Herald, August 13th.
Jenny Wilhide, ‘ All Shapes and Sizes from the Urban Potter’, The Evening Standard, October 11th.

‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Ginka.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Mrs, 650, March.
‘Report U-Tsu-Wa Exhibition’, Casa International, p155-159, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Soto Koto, 118, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Casa Brutus, 108, March.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Grazia, issue, 157, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Geijutsu Shincho, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Shin Kenchiku, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Waraku, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Elle Deco, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Modern Living, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, So-En, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Ku:nel, May.
‘Everyone‘s Tokyo Best 100’, Casa Brutus, 110, p90, May.
Frederick R McBrien, Syvie Girard, ‘U-Tsu-Wa, vessel, vase, vaisselle’, La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre, March.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Spur, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Uomo, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Elle Deco, 100, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Sankei Express, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Madame Figaro, 381, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Nikkan kensetsu Kogyo Shinburn, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Sankei Shimbun, May.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Fujin Gaho, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Nikkei Shimbun, February.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Asahi Shimbun, February.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Croissant, February.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Nikkan kensetsu Kogyo Shinburn, February.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Pen, 239, March.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Fujin Koron, March.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Node, March.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Nikkei Architecture, March.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Hana Jikan, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Yomiuri Shimbun, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, NHK Stella, April.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Mainichi Shimbun, April.
D H Rosen, ‘A Friendship with Buttons’, The Japan Times, May 8th.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Casa Brutus, April.
Sarah Brownlee, ‘Touching Things by Hand’, Crafts, 216, p16-17, January/February.
Jill Fanshawe Cato, ‘Three Interpretations of the Vessel’, Craft Arts International, 77, April.
Yuki Miyake, ‘U-Tsu-Wa 21_21 Design Sight’, Designers Workshop, 163, p89, February.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Femmes, February.
‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Sesami, February.
Teleri Lloyd Jones, ‘U-Tsu-Wa’, Crafts, 219, p63-64, July/August.
Daisy Whitney, ‘Jennifer Lee Recent Work’, Ceramics Monthly, 57 no6, p22, June/Aug.

Claudia Clare, ‘Alive and Aware’, Ceramic Review, issue 231, p3, 54-57, May/June.
Ian Wilson, ‘Selbst auferlegte Grenzen’, Keramik Magazin Europe, Nr.2, p22-25, April/May.
Christoper J Willoughby, ‘Off Centre’, Ceramic Review, issue 234, p82, Nov/Dec.
Shane Enright, ‘British Studio Ceramics - 20th Century Transformations’, Crafts, no.212, p71, May/June.
‘Crafts Guide‘, Crafts, no.212, p80, May/June.

Daniel Pacaud, ‘Jennifer Lee Ceramics, Liverpool Street Gallery Sydney’, Craft Arts International, no.69, p104-105.
David Whiting, ‘Essential Clay: Galerie Besson, London’, Ceramic Art and Perception, issue 69, November.
Ariane Grenon, ‘A Troyes, la céramique européenee’, La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre, p54-55, January/February.

Dan Klein, ‘SOFA Chicago’, Craft Arts International, no.69, p79-82.
Ariane Grenon, ‘A Troyes, la céramique européenee,’ La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre, p54-44, January/February.
David Whiting, ‘Essential Clay, Galerie Besson’, Ceramics Art and Perception, issue 69, p3-7.
Sebastian Smee, ‘Just Looking’, The Weekend Australian, Augus 12th-13th.

Ellie Irons, ‘Gentle Evolution: New Work by Jennifer Lee’, Ceramics Art and Perception, issue 62, p7-10.
Carole Andréani, ‘Jennifer Lee, Le gres, la forme et l‘infini,’ La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre, May/June.

‘British Ceramics Five Artists’, American Craft, Oct-Nov, Vol. 63 Issue 5, p76.
Anna Smyth, ‘Riches of the Earth’, Scotland on Sunday, p21, November 30th.
The Spectator, November 8th.
‘Constructed Clay: Modern British hand Building,’ The Week, March 29th.
‘Constructed Clay Great Britain,‘ What’s On, The Art Newspaper, April.
‘Constructed Clay,‘ First Choice the best shows in London, The Times, March 20th.
Exhibition diary, World of Interiors, April.
‘Constructed Clay: Modern British Hand Building’, The Week, March 29th.
Emmanuel Cooper, ‘The Clayness of Clay,’ Five British Artists.
Elspeth Moncrieff, ‘Constructed Clay, Galerie Besson’, The Art Newspaper, What’s On, April.
Suzanne Muchnic, ‘British Ceramics - Five Artists’, American Craft, p77, October/November.
Anna Smythe, ‘Riches of the Earth’, Scotland on Sunday, 30 November.
David Whiting, ‘The Circumnavigation of Form’, Ceramics Monthly, p38-41, October.

Leah Ollman, ‘Hand-Formed Pots that Collaborate with Nature’, Los Angeles Times, May 3rd.
‘Jennifer Lee, Frank Lloyd Gallery,’ Ceramica, no.83, p11.

Amanda Fielding, ‘Jennifer Lee’, Ceramic Review, no.187, p51, January/February.
Danielle Pacaud, ‘A Spirited Materiality’, Crafts Arts International, no.52, p32-35.
Fiona MacLeod, ‘Commemorative Mugs for the Millennium’, Ceramics Art and Perception, no.43, p59-66, March.

Karen S. Chambers, ‘Jennifer Lee: James Graham and Sons New York’, American Ceramics, issue 13/3, p52.
Elspeth Moncrieff, ‘On the Loose in London’, The Art Newspaper, no.108, November.
Eleanor Southall, ‘Globetrotter Potter,’ Design News, Harpers & Queen, October.

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