Selected online reviews, blog posts and digital catalogues

Loewe Foundation Craft Prize 2018 .
Laura Hawkins, Loewe Craft Prize 2018 winner announced as Jennifer Lee, Wallpaper, 1 May.
SPENCER BAILEY, Helen Mirren Gets Teary-Eyed for the Loewe Craft Prize, Surface.
Javier Pes, Classical Ceramicist Jennifer Lee Wins the 2018 Loewe Craft Prize, artnet news, 3 May.
Helen Mirren hands out the Loewe Craft Prize, The Art Newspaper, 3 May.
Osman Ahmed, Jonathan Anderson And Dame Helen Mirren On The Emotional Importance Of Craft, Vogue 4 May.
AMY VERNER, Dame Helen Mirren Presents Scottish Ceramist Jennifer Lee With the Second Annual Loewe Craft Prize, Vogue, May 4.
Maisie Skidmore, Jonathan Anderson on the Emotional Power of Craft
AnOther, May 4.
Laure Guilbault, La cérémonie du Loewe Craft Prize à Londres
Les Échos, May.
Eva Armas Gil, Loewe anuncia el ganador de la segunda edición de su Craft Prize, Harpers Bazaar, May.
Henrietta Thompson , The Loewe Craft Prize 2018: a celebration of the artisan, The Telegraph, April 30.
Front Row, BBC Radio4, Loewe Craft Prize, 3 May.
María Contreras, La artista escocesa Jennifer Lee gana el Loewe Craft Prize 2018, EL PAÍS-3 May.
Alba Diaz, Loewe Craft Prize: corazón y manos, El Mundo, May.
Aimée McLaughlin, Design Museum exhibition to show “importance of craft in today’s culture”, Design Week, April 25.
Tom Morris, Jennifer Lee Wins the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize
Architectural Digest, May 3.
Nicholas Carolan, Thirty years in the making, Jennifer Lee's timeless ceramic vessels have been recognised with the 2018 Loewe Craft Prize
Grazia, Australia, May.
Loewe Craft Prize” at the Design Museum, BLOUIN ARTINFO | MAY 08.
Eva Gracia Morales , La británica Jennifer Lee gana la segunda edición del Loewe Craft Prize, Fashion Network, Spain.
Jennifer Lee wins Loewe Craft Prize 2018, Art Aurea.
LOEWE Craft Prize 2018 Winner, Klimt02, May 4.
Scarlett Conlon, Craft Werk: Meet the maestros of the fashion industry
Guardian, May 10.
Hanako Miyata, 「ロエベ クラフト プライズ2018」の大賞が決定! 展覧会がロンドン・デザイン・ミュージアムで始まりました。PEN magazine. Japan.
La Vanguararia Loewe.
MARGARITA PUIG, Loewe se alía con el talento y la artesanía
La Vanguauardia, May.
Journal du luxe Jennifer Lee, grande gagnante du Loewe Craft Prize 2018 .
Loewe ‘se mancha’ las manos de cerámica y premia a Jennifer Lee .
SAMANTHA CONTI, 「ロエベ クラフト プライズ 2018」の優勝者が決定 特別賞は日本人の桑田拓郎が受賞
WWD Japan.
Roxy Lola, ten minutes: with Loewe craft prize winner Jennifer Lee
10 magazine.
Siobhan Scott, The timeless ceramics of Jennifer Lee, interview
Craft Scotland .
Umělecké řemeslo může sloužit jako obrana pro ty, kteří se ocitli v obležení digitálu. Material Times .
Traces of the human touch: the imperative of craft in a digital society. The Art Society.
Qian Rou Tan, GROUND FOR MAKING, Vulture magazine.
Dame Helen Mirren Presents Scottish Ceramist Jennifer Lee With the Second Annual Loewe Craft Prize, Vogue Online 30th April.
Lauren England, Britain's 10 Ceramic Artists You Should Know About 20 April.

Jennifer Lee at Gallery LVS, Seoul Blouinartinfo.
Jonathan Anderson, W Korea.
CNB Journal , Korea.

Non Morris, Me and my garden:’ Its our cat’s jungle’ The Guardian.


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The Journal of Australian Ceramics
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